Hello world!

Welcome to Situation : Savannah!  Here you will find a daily post Monday through Friday about topics that I find interesting from my daily life in Savannah, Georgia.  I am a real estate broker with Cora Bett Thomas Realty & Associates (www.corabettthomas.com), husband to beautiful wife Tomi, and father to our daughter Harper and maltese China.  If you find my writings interesting please pass them along, I’d like to see how many people who want to know about living in Savannah, Georgia are out there looking for more information.

You can access my personal website, which is a work in progress, by going to peternelsen.com.

Today seemed like the perfect start day and went rather well.  It started with a meeting to discuss writing an offer on a condominium property, then a closing on a condominium at 10:00.  And ended with the writing of a contract for purchase of another condominium.  Okay, so the market has been slow (Even in Savannah) but an uptick in the number of Buyers looking for condominiums is encouraging.  When I first got to Savannah I ended up specializing in Condominium Conversions and did quite well for a couple years.  Then, about two years ago I noticed a trend in the condominium market, more inventory and less buyers.  I then shifted my focus to the neighborhood of Ardsley Park where we had just moved from downtown Savannah.  I look back and see that I did get the trend right,  I just didn’t see it affecting the entire market and not just condominiums.  This Spring has been steady and I predict that Buyers who are purchasing homes in the next 45 days will benefit from the slow down, and be part of the roughly 15% of Buyers who actually time the market right.  After that happens, Buyer’s confidence will be back and everyone will jump on the bandwagon and will have just missed the super deals.


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