Office Caravan

This morning is our office caravan where all of my fellow agents and staff gather at our office (Cora Bett Thomas Realty & Associates and have a weekly meeting before the agents embark on a tour of newly listed properties.  Why would we do this some may ask?  Can’t we just look at the Multiple Listing Service or MLS and see the new listings, read the description, and look at the pictures?  Shouldn’t we be focused on listing more properties or touring with buyers to actually sell the houses listed and make money?  Here’s why this archaic real estate practice may be the most important weekly event that I have as a must attend meeting.

First things first, it gets me ready and out the door and into the office before 9:00am.  I need to explain that I get up every morning before 7:00am and begin answering email and now writing this blog, so I’m no slack.  The office meeting is usually began with a guest speaker.  These have ranged from the Chief of Police in Savannah, Chief Berkow talking about crime in Savannah to presentations from local Developers looking for our office support in selling their homes.  These speakers keep every agent current and expand their knowledge base for their clients and Meg Albertson, our VP of Marketing, does an exceptional job picking these speakers.  Next, we go through company business which includes sales leaders, announcements and usually a mini training session on a current topic. 

The next part of the meeting is the really best part, we go through all of the company’s new listings via projector, with pictures and stats, and the listing agent gets to tell every other agent why they need to have their buyers look at this home.  If you are a seller, represented by an agent of our company, this is when the networking skills of your agent are first tested.  I use the time to give a brief overview of the property, tell everyone why it is such a great property and sometimes the type of Buyer that has to see this property because they will love it!  After the new listings is an equally important call for “Quiet Listings and Special Needs”.  Again your agent has the opportunity to shine.  Whether they are alerting other agents to a listing they are about to put on the market in an attempt to get the active Buyers in the market or reminding agents of an older listing that may have had a price reduction or added value this time is extremely valuable.  If I have shown a set of Buyers every house and they haven’t found something yet, I’ll ask the office to suggest what I should show them.  It is really powerful to have the support of an entire company getting my clients what they want, whether its a suggestion or the sale of their home.

After the meeting we head out to look at between 4 and 8 listings.  If you don’t know your inventory you will not be able to speak effectively about the current market and its the time spent with fellow agents discussing real estate that really makes this an absolute necessityin my weekly calendar.  I can not tell you how many deals I have put together after asking for help from our agents.  I have used our time traveling from house to house to promote my listings, get suggestions for Buyers, discuss technology usage, discuss pricing my listings, and countless other real estate topics that benefit all of my clients. This is why Office Caravan is the most important re-occurring appointment in my schedule.



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