Caravan Etiquette

Just a quick primer for any of those Sellers who want to know what is the best way to present your home when the office caravan comes rolling through.

DO have the home as clean as you can possibly make it.

Think of this as a test.  Believe that every agent who walks through your door has a Buyer right now that they are working with that is going to put in an offer on the house down the street this afternoon and you have one chance to get the agent to tell them they HAVE to see your home before making that offer.  Agents preview homes all the time for out of town clients, caravan is an unsolicited preview but nonetheless very important.

DO NOT be home during the caravan.

Caravan moves at its own pace unlike a scheduled showing.  Keep in mind sometimes the order of the homes change last minute or on the fly.  If you are told the group will be there between 10 and 11 plan to be out of the house at least a half hour before 10 and then ask your agent to call you after they have finished but then tell them to call you later in the day for agent feedback.  This is because they will probably be riding with other agents and may not be able to give you all of the important feedback from those agents.  Also, if you are home there is the awkward meet and greet with every agent who feels the need to small talk for a moment and then on their way out will say “Thank you, you have such a beautiful home.”  This will lead you to believe that everyone loved your home and when your agent comes to you with negative feedback you will be less likely to believe it.

DO provide some sort of snack or mini meal.

From the time your agent opens the door to the time they close it up after caravan averages about ten minutes.  Agents preview quickly and you want them to really think about your home.  Give a quick bite or at least coffee or juice with to go cups or bottled water and those agents will spend another five to ten minutes and leave remembering your home.  Also, put the snack in the room where you want the agents to really remember, if its the kitchen put it there, but if you have a back patio with a great view put it there.  Agents are always a little thirsty or a little hungry.  This is always a good idea when your home is farther away from the company office to entice a good turn out.

That’s really all there is to caravan.  Treat it like a VIP is looking at the home and the response will be exactly what you want.


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