Typical Weekend Weather

We had picture perfect weather this weekend, which is usually very typical of spring.  Low 80’s with a quick afternoon downpour on Saturday, which did not dampen the SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival which showcased beautiful chalk renderings in Forsyth Park.  I took advantage of the event and held a long overdue garage sale just a few steps from the park.  I sold about half of my extra inventory and was happy with the outcome.  I will say that Savannah residents and visitors really want a deal, as do most people going to a garage sale, but everyone was happy when they did purchase and it was nice see old stuff recycled.

Sunday we did some gardening in the yard with again perfect weather, not too hot with a gentle breeze.  I spoke with several people and we all agreed that the last two years spring was only a couple of days.  It went from cold to hot in a week, but not this year.  We have had more great days and a lot of them over weekends.  It just serves to remind me why we found Savannah in the first place as a close match to the weather in Taipei, Taiwan where we lived for two years before returning to the states.  Taipei was great, but Savannah is better.  It is the people who make it so, characters and all.


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