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Cinco de Mayo Post

Posted in Family, Fatherhood with tags , , , , on May 5, 2008 by Peter Nelsen

Feliz Cinco de Mayo everyone!  In honor of our Mexican friends south of the border I took the day off…at 4:30 pm today.  Now, my family and I are enjoying a warm 85 degree afternoon in the back yard replete with carne asada (thinly sliced marinated meat, thanks Tomi for marinating) a cool corn salad and for Harper a piñata.

Savannah’s Hispanic population continues to grow as any contractors and yard maintenance companies continue to hire and train an eager work force from not only Mexico, but also the Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries.  The Spanish influence is present in Savannah, but not as prolific as it is in St. Augustine where it is said that Ponce de Leon found the legendary Fountain of Youth.  It is very sulphuric tasting but the gardens around it have the most beautiful flowers and peacocks.

Tomi and I went there for our first anniversary and enjoyed the Casa Monica hotel, owned by the Kessler’s who also own the Mansion on Forsyth and the soon to be opened Bohemian Hotel on Savannah’s River Street.

Well ¡Viva la Mejico! and the Spanish influence in all our lives.