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Nextville: Savannah?

Posted in For Buyers, Real Estate with tags , , , , , on May 1, 2008 by Peter Nelsen

On Tuesday I caught just a little bit of the Today show interview with Barbara Corcoran, Real Estate maven and contributor for the Today show and CNN.  I went back and now am eagerly awaiting my copy of the book Nextvillewhich is a boomers guide to finding the best places to retire.  I am curious to find out if Savannah made the list or at least received honorable mention since only a few months back Barbara extolled the virtues of our Tybee Island beach community as a great place to retire.

In her Today show interview she mentions the five things you should look for when evaluating a place to purchase for retirement, I will evaluate how Savannah stacks up:

  • Check out the local job market
  • Look for a charming downtown
  • Buy in a town that has a stock of older homes
  • Count the “for sale” signs

The Local Job Market

Savannah is booming with economic growth.  Gulfstream Aerospace continues to expand as an insatiable appetite for the newest G650 aircraft keeps producing new jobs.  VeriSign has created the gold standard for internet security.  JCB keeps building and selling heavy construction equipment. Our port is ever expanding and now talks of a new, larger cooperative port on the South Carolina side of the Savannah River makes the horizon golden.  All of this and the Savannah College of Art & Design and Savannah has an outstanding local job market.

Look For A Charming Downtown

Courtesy SCAD

Enough said.

Buy In A Town That Has A Stock Of Older Homes

Begun in 1733, the first city of georgia and the original 13th colony has many histroic structures including many 1820’s federal style brick townhomes and then a fine representation of Queen Anne and Italinate styles from the 1850’s as well as a plethora of victorian style homes.  And that is just one of the city’s nine (and counting) registered historic districts.

Count The “For Sale” Signs

Okay, here is where we may be not the ideal retirement home purchase city, but I have personally taken down three signs this week and if more signs like the one below would go up, Savannah should be at the top of any retirement homebuyers list.

SOLD 514 East 45th Street